31 July - 01 August, 2019

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Download the Official Brochure - Patient Experience Asia Summit 2018

Patient Experience Asia Summit 2018 will be held on 5-6 December 2018 in Singapore. The event will gather the region’s top healthcare leaders to share best practices on str ...

Past Presentations

Past Presentation 2018 - Harnessing AI To Transform Patient Experience Beyond The Hospital

Featured presentation at Patient Experience Asia Summit in 2018 fromTamsin Greulich-Smith, Chief, Smart Health Leadership Centre, Institute of Systems Science, National University of Singapore

Past Presentation 2018 - Adopting a Patient-Centric Approach to Drive Impactful Health Outcomes

Featured presentation at Patient Experience Asia Summit in 2018 fromIrene Chan, Director, Office of Patient Experience & Office of Strategy Mgmt, KK Women's and Children's Hospital

Past Presentation 2018 - Building Genuine Connections Along The Patient Journey

Featured presentation at Patient Experience Asia Summit in 2018 fromDr Hemant Singh Bhadauria, Associate Director Oncology Medical Affairs, Astellas Pharma

Past Presentation 2018 - Keeping Team Members Engaged and Happy to drive Positive Patient Experience – Lessons from the Field

Featured presentation at Patient Experience Asia Summit in 2018 fromMiriam Brofman, Director, Patient Services & Relations, United Family Healthcare

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In this ebook we explore how you can improve your patient experience by analyzing and evaluating your patient journey. Discover:What methods and steps you can take to eliminate those patient pain pointsWhat methodologies a leading healthcare insure used to improve their customer journey and how that can be translatable to...

Download the article - How AI Can Help Drive Personalisation in Patient Experience

At almost every stage of a patient’s healthcare journey – from the moment they advise a medical professional of their ailment, to the moment they walk out of the hospital or medical centre – AI has the power to be a disruptive force for good.Read the article to learn how...

The Great Debate: Who is the Client of the Hospital? The Patient, or the Clinician?

Who should healthcare facilities be designed for? The patient, or the clinician? This question is undoubtedly a stumbling block for many. While patient centricity, comfort and convenience is key to optimal care, if clinicians aren’t kept in mind through the design and development phase of any project, whether structural or...

Download the content - How Digital Technology Is Transforming Patient Experience: Omni-Channel and More

How then to effectively make use of data to streamline services? How can AI and telemedicine provide a better experience? Why does investment in tech solutions represent significant long-term financial savings? All this and more is explored in our report which deep dives into how technology is transforming the patient...

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Automated patient engagement is becoming one of the most significant drivers in the healthcare transformation. Download the Article to learn How Automated Patient Experiences Will Transform the Landscape.